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A family owned and operated business.

Snow-Care Works is locally owned and operated by Joel Goyette and is a welcome addition to Joel’s “Works” brand which includes Foundation Works, a leader in Ottawa’s foundation waterproofing and repair industry . In prior years, Joel spent the winters working with his uncle for one of the largest residential snow blowing companies in Ottawa. With such a large volume, Joel is all too familiar with the usual customer complaints throughout the season, which is why he decided to add to his brand and maintain his exceptional customer service traits throughout the winter season.

Snow-Care Works wants to bring their clients a higher level of customized service and enhanced delivery methods. “We truly want to help our clients get in and out on their schedule”. Too often have seen contract holders stuck in or out of their driveway waiting countless hours for their “service providers” to show up simply to do a half job since vehicle(s) were in the way possibly snowed in. Most of the “contractors” don’t have the time or the care to wait while you pull out your vehicle(s) in order to provide a complete driveway clearing. Since we are looking to surpass and deliver the utmost quality of service for our clientele whether it be a one-time client or repeat customer we want you to have the best of service and experience utilizing our customized Snow-Care services. We will gladly call you to confirm we are just around the corner and clear behind your vehicle and allow you to drive out in order to provide you with a complete snow clearing on your schedule.

The men and women we hire to work within the teams provide a variety of expertise in the snow removal business. Snow-Care Works services residential customers in Orleans. Our goal is to provide efficient, affordable snow removal to residential clients on seasonal contract or On-Demand basis. Our team members are professionals and it shows.

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5 cm start

Snow service triggered by 5cm

sms alert system

Get notified before the tractor shows up to clear your driveway

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Get regular storm and weather updates right to your Inbox

gps tracking

State-of-the-art CRM system to better track visits and ensure prompt and professional service.

Core Values

Service Excellence
Providing proactive, cost-efficient and timely services focused on quality. The services will be delivered with a positive attitude through ethical and sound business practices.

Our Mission
To be the industry leader for the installation of preferred waterproofing systems and to understand the principals of the Building Envelope to ensure superior building performance to clients in the Ottawa area. We will achieve this by investing in our people, the research of quality construction products and equipment, as well as high standards of service delivery models to ensure a delighted customer.

Team Building, Motivation, and Development
Providing an environment, which promotes employee motivation and safety. Creating multi-disciplinary teams by attracting qualified team members as well as providing on going training for the benefit and development of the individual and the company.

Commitment to Success
Dedication to the success of our business, a fair relationship with our suppliers, and the participation of our team members’ dedication to attain 100% Customer Satisfaction in the communities in which we serve.


Snow-Care Works
818 Beauregard Cres
Orleans, ON K4A 3C9

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