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Below you can find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions, however if you have more questions, please reach out to us by phone at 613-424-6515 or by email to

Snow-Care Works provides service to most of the Orleans area.

Our service run’s from Nov 1-April 1 for seasonal contracts

 The season contract limit is 250 cm’s reported at the Ottawa airport. The only recognized reporting authority for the Ottawa area snow accumulation count is Environment Canada.

Although the average season in Ottawa receives 210cm.  You have the option to cancel or continue at a cost of $25.00 – $30.00 per snow event to aid in operating cost.  This is also mentioned in detail in section 4 of your seasonal contract under terms and conditions.

You will be notified via email once we have reached the 250 cm’s and you will have the option to opt out of service should you wish. If you wish to continue, please do nothing and you will be billed for any additional services provided.

We service all snow events 5 cm or more.  However if the accumulation happens over a period of days and the city has decided to go out and plow.  We will be out clearing as well.  Platinum upgrade is available for those who would like the luxury of service for smaller snowfalls.(please see platinum upgrade for more information)

It would be deceptive to give an exact time.  All snow events are different.  Unfortunately snow does not have a schedule.  Our driveways are cleared promptly on all snow events.  Special circumstances must be mentioned and noted at time of submitting contract.  Larger snow events greater than 15 cm will require multiple passes.

Updates will also be posted regularly on both our Facebook and Twitter.

  • Pay online through the email we sent you with credit card. 
  • Pay by Email Transfer by sending it to (please include your address in the notes). 
  • Pay over the phone with Visa or Mastercard. 
  • Mail a cheque to 747 Schubert Circle, Orleans ON K4A 4W3
  • Pay using PayPal through our website. 

Yes, we do offer two types of notifications, both are included in your contract. 

  • The first and most important would be the email news letters.  This email is sent out during each storm as well as when we have some very important information to get out.  It is very important to make sure you continue to subscribe to these emails.  This is how we send out all important information.  
  • We also have an alert system connected through each route.  This is an optional service.  This service is used at our discretion and when convenient for us to do so.  Between 8am-8pm is when we are legally allowed to set the alerts off.  There are many snow events where it is not convenient to set the alerts off. 

The call back service was designed keeping in mind that customers may have no choice but to park in their driveway.  This service enables the client to call or send an email with a time frame of when the driveway will be free from cars.  Shovelling service will be offered for regular walkway service and will not be offered for shovelling around cars.

This will help us improve in order to serve you better.  Please note:  All call back requests must be placed before 11am the following day.

Yes absolutely!  We will make the return trip to clear the ridge at the end of your driveway.  You can call the office or send an email to report your ridge to us.

Yes for an additional fee walkway service can be added to your contract. Shovel service does not begin until the snow has come to an end. Please allow 6-10 hours.

No unfortunately we do not currently offer this service.

Yes absolutely, and we are fully insured as required to be a licensed snow removal contractor.  

Snow-Care Works will be installing marker at the end of your driveway starting Nov 1.  The markers will be taken down before April 15.  Customers whom chose to remove them at the end of season can leave them either on the side of the house or garage for pick up.

You can contact the office at 613-424-6515 or send a quick email.  All calls and emails are monitored carefully during snow events.

Call 613-424-6515 or send in an email with your emergency request.

The water main valves must be level with the asphalt.  Please contact the city at 613-580-2400 for assistance if you are unable to put it down yourself. 

It is the homeowner’s responsibility to mark with its own material or reach out to us regarding these obstructions.  These obstructions must be clearly marked to ensure the snow remover is aware an object or obstruction is hidden under the snow.  Snow-Care Works will not be held responsible for unmarked interlock steps or retaining walls etc. 

Ensure your bins are as much as possible out of the way for the snow remover.  Driver’s will not leave their tractor to remove bins.   

These must be unscrewed and removed completely prior to the commencement of the winter season. 

All moveable driveway obstructions including basketball nets, potted plants, solar lights, extension cords, furniture but not limited to these specific items, should be moved a minimum of four feet away from the driveways edge.  We will not be held responsible for the damage caused. 

-Basketball nets should also give a clearance of 12 feet in height if moved four feet away from driveways edge.  The best place for your basketball net is the side of your house or backyard. 

This is an additional option that can be an add on to “The Works” service package .  This upgrade provides service for snowfalls of 2.5 cm’s-4.9 cm’s. 

The 250 cm limit will remain in place for the Platinum subscriber’s. The upgrade provides service on smaller snowfalls where our regular contract holders are not serviced. Please be advised that we may provide courtesy clearings at any point that we deem necessary to our entire client base. (There is an average of 1-3 courtesy clearings provided per season included in the standard contract)

The alert system provides an automated text, call or email letting you know that your tractor is not far away.  This system can only be used between the hours of 8 am and 8 pm. In many cases, if we start overnight or early morning clearing, the system will not be in use for the snow event.  It is also not always realistic to set the alerts during the second pass as the operators are generally not following their route at this point, but following the city. The “call back” service is perfect for those days when the alert system wasn’t in use.

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